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  • New SBA Programs Launched for Term 4

    Sabres & SBA Coaching Program for 2019   The SBA is proud to introduce a more varied and structured coaching program for 2019 that is designed to improve the all-round skills of both SBA junior domestic and... [more]

  • New SBA Domestic By-Laws Announcement

    News Release 29 August 2018   New rule changes to be trialled for Summer 2018/19 Season   Following an in-depth review of the Southern Basketball Association’s By-Laws, the SBA has announced a number of... [more]

  • Introduction to SBA’s two new Head Coaches

    Introduction to SBA’s two new Head Coaches   Following the recent appointment of two new Head Coaches to the Southern Basketball Association, we thought it an opportune time to provide you with some inside... [more]

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