Judy Barlow Award Nominations

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The Judy Barlow Volunteer Award


The Judy Barlow Volunteer Award is presented on an annual basis to someone who has gone beyond the call of duty in the organisation and administration of some aspect of the Southern Basketball Association. This award is to recognize those who work tirelessly to promote and conduct the different facets of the Association, and who generally go unnoticed. The key criteria for this award are:

  • It must be a voluntary position e.g. team manager
  • Demonstrated continued enthusiasm and commitment to their position
  • Devoted time and resources above the norm in order for others to participate in some aspect of the association
  • Shown a personal commitment to the development and organisation of their team/group
  • Made a strong impact on the Association


All nominations must be sent to Arran Batish (arran@sabres.com.au) by the COB Thursday 24th August.

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