New SBA Domestic By-Laws Announcement

New SBA Domestic By-Laws Announcement

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News Release

29 August 2018


New rule changes to be trialled for Summer 2018/19 Season


Following an in-depth review of the Southern Basketball Association’s By-Laws, the SBA has announced a number of changes, which will be trialled for the 2018/19 Summer season.

The review was conducted by a Junior Domestic sub-committee and the aim was to ensure that generally the changes recommended would be suitable for all and not a few.



Representative Points


The changes are:


  1. Individual teams will be allocated a maximum ‘points value’ of 14 points for each competition.


  1. Teams can have no more than 2 Representative players per team with their maximum point value being 4 points per player.


  1. Teams can have no more than 2 players coming from a lower age group with their point value not exceeding 4 points per team.


  1. Teams that have a 4-point value player must be entered in A Grade.


  1. Bottom age players moving up are allocated half points for the summer season.


  1. Points for Sabres players will be allocated as follows:

. 1st team (4 points)

. 2nd team (3 points)

. 3rd Team (2 points)

. 4th and below teams (1 point)


The SBA is confident that these changes will have a positive influence on the competition and would like to thank the sub-committee for their efforts.

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