Nunn Media Basketball Centre Expansion Given the Green Light

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City of Bayside Councilors last night voted unanimously to approve the allocation of funds to commence detailed designs for the addition of 4 new courts to the Tulip Street Complex.

Early estimate indicates total costs of approximately $8 million to construct the four additional indoor basketball courts. Detailed design of the additional courts is estimated at $400,000 and when completed would support future grant applications to a variety of possible funding programs including a submission to the Major Grants category of the State Government’s Community Sport Infrastructure Fund.

Sabres Basketball Chairman, Parveen Batish said, “This is fantastic news and well worth the wait. We can now look forward to fulfilling the stadium needs study carried out a few years ago that recommended the region required a further four courts to fulfill basketball demand by 2020. This is a decision not just for the community today but also for generations of basketballers to come over the coming decades”, he said. “Many people have been involved in getting to this position and I want to thank them all, including Councilors and members of the Council Staff who have supported us.”

Jeanette McConville, President of Mentone Mustangs, one of the biggest Domestic Clubs in Bayside, fielding over 80 teams, said “This new development will complement the existing 4 court facility and take pressure off external venues to allow the Domestic Clubs access to training Courts. This new development in Cheltenham means more children and adults can enjoy the great sport of basketball.”

Sabre CEO, Mark Chivers thanked the SBA Chairman, Parveen Batish for his commitment and drive over the past 7 years. “From an operational point of view the work really starts in earnest for us, we need to look at all our future projections and ensure we have a business plan that allows us to fulfill any future financial commitments.” Chivers said.

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