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Codes of Conduct

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Forfeit Form

Should your team need to forfeit their scheduled game, please download and complete the following ‘Forfeit Form’. 

Forfeits please notify: Sophie Smirniotis (

Forms may also be faxed to 03 9583 4813

Forfeit Form Winter 2018


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Exemption-Rep playing Domestic Request-Form



Child Protection Policies

Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Procedure

Heat Policy

22.0       Extreme Heat Policy

22.1       The Referees Supervisor on duty will activate the Extreme Heat Policy at their discretion.

22.2       The Extreme Heat Policy MUST be activated when the temperature on any court reaches 35 degrees Celsius. The Association has installed a digital thermometer/clock in the stadium between courts 2 & 3, which complies with Basketball Victoria’s Participants Protection By-Laws. This thermometer will monitor the temperature on courts inside the stadium when the weather is hot.

22.3       Under the Extreme Heat Policy, the following modified timing rules will be implemented:

  • Game halves will be shortened to 18 minutes each
  • Half time will be extended to 5 minutes.
  • Referees will call a mandatory time out at approximately the 9 minute mark of each half, regardless of the number of time outs called by the coaches.
  • Players will be monitored by the referees, coaches and parents to ensure they consume plenty of fluids and watch for any signs of heat stress.
  • If the temperature inside the stadium reaches 40 degrees Celsius games will be cancelled. Team representatives will receive an SMS message or an email to advise them of any cancellations. A notice will also be displayed on the website.

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Further information regarding personal injury claims is available on the Basketball Victoria website –

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Insurance Claim Form


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