Underway – the SBA Board’s Constitution Review Sub Committee

Underway – the SBA Board’s Constitution Review Sub Committee

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Underway – the SBA Board’s Constitution Review Sub Committee!
On Monday 4 June 2018 the first meeting of the Constitution Review Committee was held.
The committee has formed following the Expression of Interest to join the committee was sent to all members.
The Committee Members are:
David Hopkins (Chair), Jenny Mouat (Secretary), Michael Bourke (Life Member), Mark Mitchell (Life Member), Phil McFarlane (President – Sand Saints), Jacque Phillip (Representative – Moorabin Tigers), Julie McMahon (Parent), Bruce Allen (President – Pacers Basketball Club).
The objective of the Constitution Review Committee is to review the existing constitution and work to develop a new draft constitution for consideration of the members prior to the 2018 AGM (TBC) (refer to Board Minutes of 19/09/17 and the AGM Minutes of 14/12/17).

The SBA is an Incorporated Association. The SBA has a Constitution which sets out the rules that govern the SBA. Every incorporated association must have rules. The rules, amongst other things:
? are a written document
? guide how your association operates
? are a contract between the association and its members
? set out your association’s purposes
? list the rights and responsibilities of members and office holders.
Members should know the rules and feel free to provide comment and suggestions for improvements at any time. The SBA’s Constitution (September 2017) is available on this website.
The Constitution Review Committee welcomes feedback or suggestions about the Constitution. Your feedback or suggestions in relation to this review should be sent to secretary@sabres.com.au by 30/06/2018.
Before a new draft constitution is voted on by the members there will be period of consultation.
If you have questions or queries about the Constitution Review Committee, its terms of reference or in general please contact the Committee Chair David Hopkins at secretary@sabres.com.au.

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